Our Services


CCTV System Installation

At Haper, we specialize in professional CCTV system installations that bring you peace of mind and enhanced security. Our skilled team of technicians ensures seamless and efficient installation, utilizing the latest techniques and equipment. We meticulously assess your premises, design a tailored surveillance solution, and expertly install the cameras and monitoring equipment for optimal coverage. With Haper’s CCTV system installation service, you can trust that your property is protected, allowing you to focus on what matters most while we handle your security needs.


Door Access System Installation

Experience seamless access control with Haper’s professional door access system installation service. We understand the importance of secure and convenient entry points for your premises, whether it’s an office building, residential complex, or any other facility. Our expert technicians meticulously design and install door access systems tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring authorized personnel can access designated areas while maintaining strict security measures. From card readers to biometric scanners, we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide reliable and user-friendly access solutions. With Haper’s door access system installation service, you can control and monitor access with ease, enhancing the overall security of your property.


Wholesaler Surveillance System

With Haper as your wholesale partner, you can benefit from our expertise in sourcing, logistics, and product knowledge. We ensure that our surveillance systems meet stringent quality standards and offer the latest features to meet evolving security demands. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in selecting the right products that align with your customers’ requirements and business goals.

By partnering with Haper’s Wholesaler Surveillance System service, you gain access to a wide selection of reliable products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support. We strive to build lasting partnerships and provide the resources necessary for your success in the surveillance industry.